Over the Top Gems Silver Persians

Silver Persians Exclusively Bred and Shown

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  WELCOME! We will have kittens available June 2020. They are Stormie and Magnolia's babies!! Very cute and great personalities. These kittens are playful and outgoing!! Check back soon for kitten photographs.  Please contact us by clicking Silver Persians at the bottom of this page.               


We are proud to announce our gorgeous Grand Champion Cotton Kitty The Storm of OTTGEMS is had a successful show career. He granded in three shows and has a laid back sweet personality that he is passing on to his offspring. He was featured in February 2015 Cat Fancy Magazine as the centerfold. Way to go Stormie!


Congratulations to Champion OTTGEMS Heartbreak Elvis awarded BEST of BREED PERSIAN KITTEN, SILVER and GOLDEN DIVISION by CFA's Gulf States Region for the 2011-12 show season. Please see more of his pictures on our King's page!!                          


 Above: Champion Over The Top Gems Heartbreak Elvis - Best of Breed Persian Kitten Silver and Golden

                              Division of CFA's Gulf States Division 2011-12 Show Season





                            About Our Cattery

  Over the Top Gems is a small cattery devoted to Silver Persians. Our cats are part of the family and are included in every day life. Our children play with the cats and kittens daily. The kittens are exposed to many people and things to acclimate and socialize them to whatever they may encounter in life. We enjoy our cats so much that we decided to raise kittens. Our goals are for excellent health, nice temperament and attaining superior quality breed standards. Cats are PKD tested negative by DNA analysis at UC Davis. All cats entering our cattery are tested for Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunosuppressive Virus, and Feline Heartworm disease before ever being exposed to the residents here. The cats residing here have already been tested. Cats are also shown in CFA. Our kitties are from Grand Champion lines with Regional Winners and a National Winner pedigree. Our foremost goal is to promote wonderful cats and especially beautiful Silver Persians! 

    OTTGEMS is a CFA registered cattery and a member of United Silver and Golden Fanciers. We microchip all our cats and kittens with Home Again implants. Every cat has a permanent identification.  Kittens are vaccinated for Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia and Feline Leukemia usually. Vaccination standards are developed from the recommendations of the American Association of Feline Practitioners. The latest preventive care is practiced here in our cattery and health management is a priority. Preventable diseases are non existent here.  Kittens are given a monthly preventive against heartworms, fleas, and other parasites prior to placement in new homes to insure a smooth and healthy transition.   

   Feel free to contact me about Silvers. My link is at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in a kitten, then let me know! Please give a little information about yourself, other pets and your family. Our utmost goal is for our babies to go to wonderful homes and receive the best care possible. We only have a few litters a year.  

Also the majority of photos are taken by myself with just a regular camera. A few are made at the shows by a professional of the older show cats. I do prepare kittens with a thorough bath, brushing and grooming. The photos are not touched up. There are no color enhancements or changes made, not even cropping. I am not a photographer. The only thing I know about taking photos is light is really important and the term herding cats applies to photographing kittens! It is more difficult than one might think. I have looked at many websites and can tell that those really perfect looking kittens are not real, but these little guys on this site are exactly what you see. Kittens are so beautiful that I feel they don't need me to change them into something they are not. However until you feel that soft fur or hear that cuddly purr can you say you have really experienced a silver Persian.




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